Once upon a time

Hello everyone!

I don’t celebrate Christmas but if you do I hope you have a wonderful time full of laughter and fun!

Today’s topic is TV shows and one TV show I am obsessed with is Once Upon A Time. If you have yet to see Once I’ll give you a quick breakdown:

1) It is a show based around fairytales HOWEVER, the show has a way of keeping fairytales true to the originals while added a whole new dimension to the characters we know and love

2) Snow white, prince charming, the evil queen and red riding hood all feature in the show

3) The shows key storyline is that fairytales are real but everyone is under a curse meaning they are unaware of their true identity and the only person who knows this truth is a boy name Henry.

4) There is a spin off show titled Once upon a time in wonderland all about the adventures of Alice in wonderland.

5) You’ll love it, PLEASE JUST GO WATCH IT!

Now here is a clip for you all to enjoy:


Now for you Once fans who already watch the show you’ll know just how amazing this show is from it’s characters to the plots and the adventures had by these characters. My favourite characters have to be Hook, Regina, Neal and Emma. I love Mary and James but I also love the humour Hook brings and the amazing action that Regina causes and doesn’t every love Neal! Season 3 is even better than season 2 which is not something I say often about many shows and it is well deserved. Sadly, this half of season 3 has ended however, it will return in March with a BANG and I really hope it exceeds my exceptions. So if you are a Once fan or if you are looking to watch it leave me a comment I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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